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Stargate and other fanfiction

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Master Post
It's about time I created a list of the fics I've written that are on dreamwidth or livejournal.

This is a work in progress.

Stargate SG-1 Slash
  1. Inopportune Times
  2. Lick
  3. A Little Spice
  4. One Last Pot of Coffee
  5. Merry Chase 
  6. Right About Most Things
  7. Satisfaction
  8. Regular Maintenance
  9. Short List
Stargate SG-1 Five Things
  1. Rodney McKay's Book Report
  2. Five Thinks Radek Knows
  3. Five Failed Rescue Missions
  4. Five People Daniel Told
  5. Five Memories Daniel Got Back
  6. Special Delivery
  7. Drop 'Em
  8. Gone
  9. Five Things Bill Lee Learned
  10. She Could Have Loved
  11. Five Things Jack Left in Colorado
  12. Five Times Daniel Almost Left the SGC
  13. Five Kisses (More or Less)
  14. Letters From Home
  15. One Last Pot of Coffee (pre-slash)
Stargate Alphabet Soup Entries
  1. H is for History (Cam Mitchell alphabet soup)
  2. W is for Wait (crossover alphabet soup)
  3. Q is for Quintessential (team alphabet soup)
  4. F is for Finally (Jonas alphabet soup)
  5. Y is For Yesterday
  6. B is for Box
  7. O is for Oz
  8. N is for Netu
  9. S is for Security
  10. D is for Daniel
Stargate Gen
  1. It Must Be Love
  2. Follow the Yellow Brick Road
  3. Next Stop
  4. Best Two Out of Three
  5. Friends, Death, and Taxes
  6. Hear Me
  7. Choice
  8. F is for Fish
  9. Out of the Darkness
  10. The Last Bad Guy
  11. Magnetism
  1. New Rule, Old Rule
  2. Odd Couple
  3. Guilty Pleasures
  4. Leave it to the Gods
  5. Game On

  1. Last Night on Earth
  2. Does a Turtle Need a Home?

  1. Rodney McKay's Book Report
  2. Five Things Radek Knows
  3. Life is Not Fair
Sherlock (TV)
  1. On the Side of the Angels