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Stargate and other fanfiction

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Summer reading, watching, and eating...
Reading: I just finished Brothers in Arms, the next book in the Vorkosigan saga. It's the usual wonderful stuff and I love Ivan even more. I think this is where I stopped last time. So now I should be in new and unknown territory.

Watching: I watched The Astronaut Wives Club. I really enjoyed it. I did sit with Wikpedia open so that I could look up the astronauts. At the moment I'm watching Man from UNCLE. So are Napoleon Solo and Han Solo related? ;-) What I'm not watching is Poldark because my antenna is not being cooperative and I have no reception at the moment.

Eating: Chicken gyros with tzatziki sauce. It would be great except that I'm not a big fan of yogurt. You'd think I'd remember something like that. Maybe I'll try it with sour cream next time.