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Stargate and other fanfiction

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Summer reading, watching, and eating...
Reading: I've been on a reading binge. I've read Mirror Dance, Memory, Komarr, A Civil Campaign, and Winterfair Gifts. Mirror Dance is pretty dark, A Civil Campaign is rather sweet and funny in a couple of places. Winterfair Gifts (which turned out to be the only new read on the list) was an outsider's point of view and very well done. I'm so enjoying this.

Watching: I watched the first episode of Poldark. It was good but not great. I watched the second episode of Astronaut Wives Club. Also good but not great. Maybe I'm just hard to please.

Eating: Lemon bars. Fabulous!

Oh, and there's a tornado warning at the moment. It's pretty eerie outside.

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It doesn't look like I get Poldark.

Hope you made it through the storm okay!

It's been raining here EVERY DAY BUT TWO the entire month. #sucks

I ended up watching it online because I don't have cable and my reception was crap.


The storm went around me for the most part. We got some rain and wind but nothing serious.

It's rained here a lot, too. I had mushrooms growing in my backyard. And the mosquitoes! But tomorrow should be rain free.

So tired of the raaaaain.

Thanks! I did accidentally stumble upon it last night under a different channel name (but the same thing). I only managed to record half to watch later, so yay for the link! Thanks!

We've had heat, thunderstorms, tornado warnings, and more heat. I love summer. ;-)

I haven't caught up to the next episode of Poldark. I'm going to try to do that this week.

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